The Notorious
Uncle Wack

When Storm opened for Root Boy Slim at the Paradise in 1978, the band couldn't help noticing that the headliner got unbelievably drunk (taking slugs from a quart bottle of vodka) and staggered around the stage mumbling and laughing.

They figured that anyone could do that. Even Zack, their road manager.

Uncle Wack was born.

With songs like "Choke My Chicken," "Get Up, Throw Up," "The Cops Won't Leave Me Alone," and "Yours Smells Funny, Too," The Notorious Uncle Wack would unexpectedly appear and create havoc, pulling a chicken out of his pants, tossing flash bombs, or attacking the audience with a CO2 fire extinguisher. At the height of his act, a siren would be heard, and the perennial fugitive from the law would beat a hasty retreat, leaving stunned audiences asking, "What the hell was that?"