Storm hit Boston in August 1977, the same week that Elvis went into hiding. The band played a variety of styles, from classic rock and blues, through funk and jazz, to their signature "space-rock-fusion" which was especially popular with their MIT fans.

Storm released a single in 1980, "Keep on Foolin'" b/w "Havin' a Party," produced by Josiah Spaulding, jr. who also produced Robert Ellis Orrall and is now Director of the Wang Center. There was also The Notorious Uncle Wack, who often appeared on-stage at Storm gigs.

Wayne Morgan - Guitar and Vocals

John E. Young - Keyboards and Vocals

Mike Petrell - Bass and Vocals

Larry the O - Drums and Vocals

Wayne Morgan went on the play in other bands including Velocity, Boy Next Door, TH & the Wreckage, Blind Lemon Pledge and His Seeing Eye Dogs, Crazy By Choice.

Since 1999 he's been playing with The End Result.

Johnny Young left the band to move to New York. He toured with Mick Taylor's band in the eighties, and has won two Emmys for his television scores. He recently traded keyboards for guitar and plays up and down the east coast. His website is here.

Mike Petrell continued to play in bands on the south shore for many years, and owns his own flooring company. He is currently working on an Internet-based venture.

Larry the O moved to San Francisco and worked as a sound designer for LucasArts. He also writes for various publications, including Electronic Musician, where his brother Steve is the Senior Editor.